A mixed media artist creating works in sculpture, mixed media assemblage, stained glass, and jewelry. Much of his work is related to his physical surroundings and his reaction to current events and the state of the world. For him, creating art is an outlet for the anguish that confronts all of us. Ed may be motivated to create a work in which he must find a medium for expression, or conversely may discover a medium that he needs to find a subject to utilize it for.

While mainly a self taught artist, Ed studied with art educators at RISD when obtaining a certificate in Interior Design. Other glass and metal classes were attended with local artists and at institutions such as RISD and the Steel Yard in Providence.

Ed has displayed his work at many Southern New England galleries and museums. These include Newport Art Museum, New Bedford Art Museum, Bristol Art Museum, Imago Gallery, Deblois Gallery among others. His jewelry is featured at various shops in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Materials are a constant fascination for this artist, as his work has encompassed many disparate sources. Early work in traditional stained glass led to experiments with glass fusing and slumping, creating three dimensional glass forms. These forms were integrated into works with others materials such as drift wood and metals.

Found and recycled materials are used more extensively in many more recent three dimensional pieces. Metal has become a focus as he strives to direct his work towards more traditional sculpture forms. Ed’s work continues to evolve as his motivation and skills allow him to continue to express himself.